Alden Biesen
Personal bio: 

The Landcommandery of Alden Biesen is one of the largest castle estates in the Euregion. Alden Biesen is an exquisite heritage site owned by the Government of Flanders, which has both a Flemish and a European aura.
It was founded in 1120 by the Order of the Teutonic Knights, which was highly successful and acquired several properties throughout Europe. Alden Biesen became the headquarters of the Biesen bailiwick. At its peak between the 16th and 18th centuries, the Landcommandery developed into a luxury residence.
The French Revolution put an end to this prosperous period: all the properties of the Teutonic Order were publicly sold. Alden Biesen fell into private hands and disintegrated. To make matters worse, a fire ruined large parts of the castle in 1971. The Government purchased the 54 ha estate and carried out extensive restorations.

Both culture seekers and nature lovers will thoroughly enjoy a visit to Alden Biesen.  You can admire the historical buildings, visit the church or take a stroll in the English and French gardens. The castle itself and the restored apartment are only open for viewing during exhibitions or under the supervision of a guide.
An interactive exhibition at the reception centre introduces visitors to the history of Alden Biesen and the castle scenery of the Hesbaye (Haspengouw) region. Alden Biesen is also the ideal decor for a wide range of events, such as the Storytelling Festival, the Day of Ancient Music, temporary exhibitions, Stories in the Park, a flower arranging event, the Summer Opera, historical dinners, concerts, etc.
Historical monument, tourist attraction, decor for events and exhibitions, centre for European operation and congress centre … Alden Biesen offers a fantastic all-in-one formula!