CMS Technology


Nymbol is able to offer customised solutions because we have a purpose-built Content Management Systems (CMS), built with the needs of the cultural and heritage sector in mind.

The CMS acts as a building block or foundation, which can handle any type of digital content such as images, documents, PDFs, video and audio. It aims to be as powerful as it is flexible, allowing items to be added, organised, stored, amended and published to multiple platforms through a simple and intuitive interface.

The front-end platforms chosen by our clients can then take any form, including mobile apps, interactive websites, touch table applications, Virtual and Augmented Reality.

We know how important it is for organisations to control and update their own content. The CMS is extremely user-friendly and can be managed and updated by staff in an organisation, so there is no need to come back to us for content updates.

In all, we aim to provide our clients with the highest-level of resource in a time-and cost-effective manner.

Mobile apps

Nymbol design and build applications for iPhone, iPad and Android devices using Objective C and Java, as well as web techniques.


We have vast experience when it comes to web; designing and developing websites and web applications to suit the organisations and collections we work with.

Large format and touch systems

We are proficient in designing and developing multi-platform experiences including large display screens, touch points and touch tables such as Microsoft Surface. We can advice on all the appropriate hardware needed to present the applications effectively.

Other technologies

As a team, we’re deeply interested in new and emerging technologies and will use them when relevant and possible. For example, we have worked with the Microsoft Kinect developer kit to create gesture-controlled interfaces; created virtual reality experiences using Oculus Rift and have developed 3D projection mapping visuals.

Use Case: 


To encourage and empower users to track the lives, stories and impact of the First World War across Greater Manchester, through a connected digital experience across multiple organisations.


At the start of 2014, we met with the learning and events team at Imperial War Museum North – they wanted to do something that would bring together content about the First World War from across the range of cultural and heritage organisations within the Greater Manchester Centenary Partnership. This is a network of over 20 organisations working collectively to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.

There were a lot of stories to tell and connections to be made – but how would we do this?

Following workshops with the curatorial, learning, marketing and digital teams we developed the concept of Centenary Connections – themed journeys within which can be found many archive assets kept in museums, archives, libraries and galleries as well as landmarks across Greater Manchester.

This concept formed the basis of the development of a mobile app (iOS and Android), which is supported by a desktop browser interface

The app and website encourage users to take a physical journey across the area – following stories through the archive across the range of organisations and landmarks. It also provides a point of exploration for those just wanting to browse, and share across social media with friends.


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