This project is an evolution of the company’s experience in 3D and virtual reality. It involves the creation, in locations of particular historical-cultural or naturalistic value, of small cinema screening rooms equipped with:

  • full HD screen and high quality audio system;
  • seating with special effects (air, water, tickling on the legs) and the possibility to move in six directions (forward, backward, left, right, up, down and also vibration);
  • professional equipment to produce bubbles, lightning and wind effects.

This clearly involves popular offers, on the one hand aimed at diversifying what any cultural site can offer visitors, going beyond bookshops and restaurants; and on the other to attract visitors whose age or habits mean they rarely spend their free time at museums or archaeological sites.
The first such installation is being finalized now at the ticketing area of the Marmore Falls (Cascata delle Marmore) in Terni, Italy, with two 8-person screening rooms that will reproduce virtually the experience of white-water rafting.

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