3D Scanning


We digitize cultural objects and create three-dimensional virtual and physical replications using the photogrammetry technique. Photogrammetry is a widely common method used for cultural heritage because it is more afforadable and practical than other 3D scanning methods.

The scanning is done at your museum premises using special lights and setup without damaging the artefacts.

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Check out our 3D scanning works on www.3DMusea.com/museums

3D digitization of museum objects offers new possibilities to research, preservation and exhibitions. 3D visualisation of 3D objects, both online and in the museum, and new interaction technologies open a wide range of opportunities for museums to share their collections, and change the way how they interact with their audience.

  • Preservation & collection handling: Replicas can be 3D printed from 3D virtual models.
  • New way of presenting collections: Publishing 3D models to websites, and enabling visitors and researchers to closely explore and study the objects in all angles. 
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