Community Presenter


Community Presenter ( ) is a collection of tools and templates developed in the framework of the 3DCOFORM (FP7) UE Project for the creation of multimedia interactive presentations of digital models of cultural artifacts. Its target audience are museum curators or art experts with some minimal IT experience, or assisted by IT professionals (web designers). Community Presenter allows easy visualization in QML and/or WebGL applications of media such as 3D models, images, relightable images (RTI), video and audio.

One of the main features is the support of multiresolution 3D models (adopting the Nexus format, a proprietary multi-res 3D format of the Visual Computing Lab, CNR-ISTI,, supporting the navigation and visualization of very large models. The code is based on declarative programming and extensive use of templates: this allows basic users to simply fill in variable values (names of models, settings etc.), without preventing advanced users from modifying interfaces and adding functionalities. The current version of the Community Presenter, employs QML technologies, i.e. Qt declarative language, to assemble the different components than can be used. The Community Presenter is currently re-writing in WebGL through the SpiderGL library (also developed by CNR-ISTI) in order to be used also on the Web, allowing for the easy creation of online Virtual Museums.

Conditions of Use: 

General Public License. For more information, please contact Mr. Massimiliano Corsini at or via +39 (0) 50 315 2925

Use Case: 

Community Presenter has been used in several applications context successfully. The Nexus viewer component has been successfully employed in the CENOBIUM project (, a big project developed in collaboration with the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence, regarding the design and implementation of an online information system focusing on medieval figurative capitols, with a main focus in supporting art history study.