Adaptability & lifelong engagement with culture throughout the Cloud


TAG CLOUD explores the use of technologies like augmented reality, storytelling and social media for a dynamically adaptation of the cultural contents according to the user profile, likes and interests, and a personalised interaction with culture.

Through these technologies TAG CLOUD encourages active participation in the creation of experiences and cultural content. The fusion of individuals’ and experts’ contents adds value and new meaning to the existing cultural artefacts, for promoting an effective communication between cultural institutions and final users towards the lifelong user engagement. Thus, TAG CLOUD offers a personalised cultural experience.

Existing systems, devices and algorithms used worldwide by cultural heritage institutions and relevant social media are being reviewed to draw the specifications of the TAG CLOUD system.

The architecture will follow a SaaS approach, based on cloud technologies. Ways to locate, store, and serve the artefacts in a secure fashion and matching users and artefacts will be developed.

Conditions of Use: 

The TAG CLOUD system will be simultaneously installed in three different pilot sites, with very different characteristics. These pilot sites are:

  • The Alhambra of Granada, in Spain: an archaeological site that combines indoor and outdoor scenarios.
  • Barber Institute of Fine Arts, in United Kingdom: a traditional museum.
  • Sør-Trøndelag, in Norway: a city with different museums and cultural institutions.

But we are looking forward to spread the work and make TAG CLOUD available in museums, and cultural heritage institutions and places all over the world. TAG CLOUD will be provided as a free test set, so that every interested stakeholder can join us.

Use Case: 

TAG CLOUD aims to provide lifelong engagement with culture though a continuous cultural experience, before, during and after a visit to a cultural institution or place.

With this purpose, TAG CLOUD works on the following scenarios:

Scenario 1: Enjoying an adaptive cultural experience in a cultural heritage institution
Scenario 2: Suggesting physical experiences on the move
Scenario 3: Enjoying an adaptive cultural experience in a cultural institution with a rented device from the place
Scenario 4: Enjoying an adaptive cultural experience at home
Scenario 5: Engaging users who are not used to go to cultural events
Scenario 6: Professional tools for engagement

More info about the addressed scenarios can be found on the TAG CLOUD’s website at

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