Cyprus Wine Museum

a journey into 5500 years of Cypriot Wine History


A. Cyprus Wine Museum Description

The Cyprus Wine Museum is located at the birthplace of the European Wine, Erimi, with a history of wine making of more than 5,500 years. The building is found at the most important historical and trade crossroad of the island: at the old road of Limassol-Pafos, the road to the ancient Kourion, the road to the Commandaria Castle (Kolossi Castle) known as Knights Street and the road that leads to the wine villages of Limassol.

It was established by the composer Anastasia Guy and began operation in 2004. The openings were held by the former president of the Cyprus Democracy Tassos Papadopoulos.

It is most likely the only wine museum in the world that presents a wine making history of 55 centuries and the wine trails of a country. It possesses a unique thematic exhibition and collection of archaeological findings and series of artefacts about wine. 

The Cyprus Wine Museum’s policy is to offer live guided tours through its premises and exhibitions, whilst wine tasting of wines produced from Cypriot indigenous varieties of vines to all individual visitors, but also to organized groups.

It provides to all visitors a unique journey of 5500 years of wine production in Cyprus, information on wine storage, its usage, wine trade since antiquities until nowadays, the significance of the vine, the grapes, the wine in arts, promotion of the indigenous varieties of vines, the uniqueness and the history of one of the most ancient wines in the world that is still in production, the Commandaria Wine.

It is placed at the starting point of the ‘Wine Routes of Cyprus’ and is also suggested to be visited in the 4th route and 5th route: the “Krasochoria Lemesou” (Wine Villages of Limassol) and the “Commandaria” route.

In 2008 The Cyprus Wine Museum was nominated by the European Museum Forum in Dublin.


B. The Museum Building

The Cyprus Wine Museum is housed in a 2-storey stone building

The first floor includes:

  • Permanent exhibition. The exhibition is divided in five main chronological periods. Erimi the Birthplace of European Wine; Ancient Period; Byzantium Era, The Medieval Period; Modern Years.
  • Audiovisual area

St Hilarion Hall (ground floor):

  • The Wine Trails (Permanent exhibition of all Cyprus wineries)
  • Wine Tasting Area
  • The Wine Knights Cava
  • Museum Shop

Exterior venues:

Two big stone courtyards, which are connected via the St. Hilarion Hall.

  • Commandaria Courtyard (eastward of the building). Exhibition of the Zivania Alembics, the ‘Patitiri’ (wine press using feet) and the Pitharia
  • Knights Courtyard with the small amphetheatre. All open air cultural functions and activities are organized in this area.


Vision. Goals. Priorities:

The Cyprus Wine Museum, with its extended units of its exhibition that covers all the Hellenic and Cypriot wine history, but also with its general operation that serves more than one social need, has as a primary goal to invite its visitors, on a unique journey of 5500 years of wine history in Cyprus.

Its Vision is to constitute the core of spread of the long and rich wine history of Cyprus and also the projection of today’s reality around it through the permanent exhibition, collections, publications, activities.

The achievement of this vision can be carried out with the continuous enrichment of its collections, of its annual activities and publications and creating strong collaborations with local and global institutions.

The important accomplishments of its first 10 years of operation are:

  • Its establishment as a cultural and educational sight that attracts a significant number of visitors from around the globe each year.
  • Deployment of collaborations with artists and scientific researchers, as well as collaborations with enchorial and foreign institutions and organizations
  • Organization of exhibitions and cultural events in Cyprus and Greece
  • Creation of a second version of its unique website  that works as an ‘educational gate’ with a plethora of information on the history of the Cyprus Wine Museum, the history of the Cyprus Wine, the Indigenous Grape varieties, the Wine Routes, the Commandaria Trails, an E-shop etc.
  • Creation of the Kinyras Project which includes exhibitions, thematic concerts, website ( etc
  • Creation of its own Museum Products under the name of Cyprus Wine Museum Senses
  • Foundation of its own chamber orchestra named as Commandaria Orchestra

The goals of the Cyprus Wine Museum are based on the diagram of its operational structure:

  • The deployment of collaborations with enchorial and foreign museums, institutions and organizations
  • The projection of The Cyprus Wine Museum activities and Museum products abroad
  • Enrich its permanent exhibition, educational programs etc
  • Create new periodical exhibitions; organizing international conferences; The Commandaria Orchestra to enrich its repertoire with thematic musical works and performing them around the globe; establishing art, music and wine international competitions.
  • Enrich the activities of the Publication and Web department
  • To enrich the activities of the Cyprus Wine Academy