The eCult Ambassadors

What are eCult Ambassadors?
eCult Ambassadors are persons who act as facilitators between ICT solution providers and cultural heritage organisations. They will have a mixed background in technologies and in cultural heritage (or an interest in both). For a more specific description of the skills and expertise required, check out our eCult Ambassador role profile or any other of the 5 role profiles in the cultural heritage focus area of the eJobs Observatory, created by the eCult Skills project.  You may also check out the list of our current senior and junior eCultAmbassadors.

Why eCult Ambassadors?
To adapt an old saying: Technology comes from Mars, culture from Venus. Communication between representatives of both sides is therefore a question of language, in more than one sense. eCult Ambassadors know about that and are able to communciate with both sides and help them approach each other.

How can I become an eCult Ambassador?
Check out if you profile corresponds to the one of an eCult Ambassador in performing this self-assessment test.
If you think that your profile fits, please contact us.

Coaching Modules and Webinars
The Ambassadors' Toolkit is on-line: Find out useful coaching modules, have a look at our scheduled Webinars, and give us your feed-back! The Ambassadors' Toolkit is work in progress - bookmark it and find out what is new!

Results from the Summer Stage for eCult Ambassadors held in Maribor, Slovenia and the Winter Stage in Athens
The first Summer Stage for eCult Ambassadors was held in Slovenia (Maribor and Vitanje) on 28/29 May 2014.
The 2-days event featured avantgarde technologies (MESCH project, Ars Electronica) and three practical, hands-on workshops on mobile apps, social media and 3D modelling. For more information, presentations and images, visit the Maribor Summer Stage Webpage.
On 6/7 December 2014, the eCult Winter Stage took place at the Acropolis Museum in Athens. Have a look at the event's page or check out storify.