eCult 3rd Dialogue Day, Dubrovnik, Croatia

On the occasion of The Best in Heritage event, the eCult Observatory organised its third eCult Dialogue Day on 25 September 2014 in Dubrovnik. The aim of the eCult Dialogue Days is to foster the communication between technology providers and cultural heritage institutions, like museums. This third edition enjoyed the particpation of 65+ participants and presenters from EU and international projects, private organisations, and museum showcases. In his keynote address, Prof. Tomislav Šola  used an imaginative metaphor: "Technology is like a ship: It needs a destination and a crew that steers it in the right direction".

EU R&I projects showed their developed technologies:

  • INSIDDE: provides a look "inside" paintings;
  • TechCoolTour: brings ancient roman and byzantyne itineraries alive;
  • CULTAR: supplies augmented reality and wearable sensors to "sense" culture.

Th afternoon sessions included a discussion about the future of ICT for museums. eCultValue experts (Aare Renzer, Jari Harju and Kostas Konstantinidis) and eCult Ambassadors (Kaja Antlej, Michele Trimarchi) discussed about the needs of museums: act collectively, become more "educated" with regard to technologies (e.g. trained personnel in ICT; see also new job roles), and get used to co-creation and participatory tools, such as crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding.

Venue: Visia 5D Multimedia Museum, Poljana Paska Milicevica 4 (Dubrovnik, city center)
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One-stop shop for Museums and ICT Providers: the eCult Observatory by Philippe Wacker, EMF
The House of European History by Taja Vouk van Gaal, presenting a new museum project in Brussels
ICOM Observatory for Illicit Traffic by France Desmarais, Programme Director ICOM
Introdution to iBeacon technology in culture, heritage and museums by David Anderson, Director, Wales Museum
New Technology to Look INSIDDE Paintings, by Laurens van der Maaten, Delft University and INSIDDE project
E-Couponing for Museums and Cultural Heritage by Marco Castellani, Euromedia, Italy - Stone heritage in Croatia by Filip Šrajer
Ancient Heritage in Augmented Reality by Jana Rodic, LiveViewStudie and TechCoolTour project
Connecting Audiences through Digital, Rebecca Bartlett & Andy Hartwell, Nymbol, UK
Sensing culture with CultAR by Antti Nurminen, CultAR project
From e-Book to 3D Installations - the Krapina Neanderthal Museum by Vlasta Krklec and Ervin Silic
Meštrović: New dimension - from digital collection to multimedia experience by Zorana Juric Sabic, Head of Digitisation Programme, Split, Croatia - watch the Meštrović Museum video/multimedia clips: No1, No2, No3.

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